Positive Thinking

A Meditation Exercise to Train Your Mind

If you’re interested in the power of positive thinking and how this can transform your life, and you want a simple action to get yourself started… in the infographic below is a quick little meditation exercise you can use.

And at the bottom of this page you’ll find other resources you can move onto next to take your positive thinking pathway to the next level.

Even if You’re Starting from Scratch with Positive Thinking…

Did you know that so many people (in fact, maybe ALL people!) deal with negative thinking.

It’s just a case of how much negative thinking!

That’s because we’re all human, and we’re not immune to have a wide range of thoughts.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t learn how to reduce negative thoughts and increase positive ones, to the point where our predominant state and experience of life is clean, clear, positive and empowering!

It just takes practise.

So please know that you’re not alone if you are struggling with a negative mindset, and there is NOTHING wrong with you.

In fact, you want to be celebrating yourself right now, that you care enough about yourself and your life to be here on this page dedicating your time and energy to self-education and action in the right direction!

No matter how intense your negative thinking is, I encourage you to wholeheartedly LOVE yourself right now. From that place of accepting yourself, you’re empowered to start making small but powerful shifts in your thinking…

Meditation Exercise to Support Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking

Source: Thank you for Health Central for this Infographic!

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