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Transformation Life Coaching with Bernadette Logue

I Help You Get to the TRUE Root Cause
of Any Issue You're Facing

AND Provide Practical Solutions to Help You Move Forward

Because life is too precious to spend in unease right?

Introductory Life Coaching Offer

  • FIRST TIME CLIENTS 1-hr online Life Coaching session via video conference
  • Post session email, action plan & session audio recording (optional)
  • 34 transformation meditation & affirmation audios
  • Instant online booking & scheduling of your session
  • Sessions available globally, for your timezone
  • 30 day 100% money back guarantee

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“B really helped me achieve a lot of clarity that I thought was not possible in a really dark time in my life. With her practical suggestions and tools that she gave me in our private coaching sessions, I was able to approach a difficult situation in my life with a lot more ease and peace. Our sessions are very to the point and thorough. She really took everything I said, no matter how small I thought it was, and we examined it. She took my words a step further and helped me figure out why I was feeling a certain way through inquiry. I feel very comfortable with B and that my information is sacred to her and feel that her sessions are very professional. These sessions have been the best investment I have made in myself and I encourage you to seek her counsel if you are having any issues in your life that have been challenging and are not easy to navigate.” - Private Life Coaching Client

How Can Bernadette Help Me?

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Accessible, Flexible & Powerful Results

Are you dealing with any of the following...

  • Current mindset, emotional state, wellbeing and/or circumstances not working for you?
  • Busy, stressed, out of balance, and needing to step back and regain control?
  • Dragging the past around and tired of the weight of it?
  • Confused about challenges you’re facing, unable to make sense of it?
  • Need help navigating change, making decisions and taking control?
  • Wanting to connect to your intuition and life purpose?
  • Ready to powerfully make your goals and aspirations happen, personally and professionally?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then B is the person to leverage you forward powerfully. She is recognized for the speed at which she pinpoints and addresses the root cause of issues for people, providing targeted and practical solutions to address them. She has proven experience producing tangible results for clients, and specializes in her own unique Unleash Your Life method of Transformation Life Coaching which will be customized to your specific needs through private 1:1 work with her.

Life Coach

  • Global – reaching you no matter where you are located
  • Private sessions arranged to suit your schedule and timezone – REVIEW SESSION DATE/TIME AVAILABILITY & BOOK ONLINE INSTANTLY
  • Exclusive Pinch Me Living 3-step Unleash Your Life Transformation Life Coaching method
  • Connect online via video conference from any device, no special software or login required, simply use the link we provide when you book your session.
  • From $95 USD – introductory offer for new life coaching clients
  • 30 day 100% money back guarantee

Imagine would it would feel like to be free of the past, free of internal limitations, and to have a genuinely empowered and positive mental and emotional state. Imagine living each day with clarity about your soul, your life path, your direction, your challenges and the vision for your life. Imagine being able to create inner peace, balance and happiness no matter what your circumstances.

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Who is B? What is She About?

Here's Why B Should Be Your Personal Life Coach

Personal Life CoachB has extensive professional and life experience to benefit clients, including:

  • 13 years of professional experience in national commercial and Government organisations including holding senior management, leadership and dedicated peak performance coaching positions
  • Extensive consulting, human resources and training experience
  • An incredibly practical, grounded approach to life with a background in operational management, quality management, executive level coordination and support working with Government Ministers, Judges, CEOs, MDs and Boards
  • Over 20 years of personal first-hand experience walking the journey of personal growth and development herself
  • Spiritual and intuitive capabilities, and energy work expertise
  • A track record of successfully merging the practical aspects of performance coaching with wisdom for personal growth, conscious living, spirituality and soul alignment

She is a coach who truly walks the talk. Her own journey, lifestyle and results are a testament to what she offers. Her path has included:

  • Going through an intensive personal awakening and literally transforming every aspect of her life, inside and out
  • Overcoming fears, anxiety, worry and limiting beliefs to create a powerful, positive, limitless mindset
  • Creating her desired versions of inner peace, personal freedom and success
  • Reinventing her career - leaving behind a solid corporate career to design and build a successful online international business aligned to her vision
  • Revitalizing her health and wellbeing - transforming a long-standing health issue, creating wellness, fitness and nutrition patterns that support a happy life
  • Restructuring finances to support her life transition and setting up her resources to create a lifestyle of flexibility
  • Attracting, creating and deepening relationships socially and professionally that feed joy, are values-aligned and soulful
  • Travelling all over the world while working and living nomadically, exploring cultures and countries, and growing personally, spiritually and professionally

Benefit from a variety of tools and techniques she customizes for you, including:

  • Using her own "Unleash Your Life" transformation coaching method
  • Teaching and guiding on the use of EFT/tapping and other mind/body energy techniques
  • Applying processes to identify and interrupt mind patterns (limiting beliefs and thoughts), feeling cycles and behavioral habits, to then embed powerful, positive replacements
  • Other practical exercises for awareness, clarity and planning, as well as visualization and meditation processes

B has proven experience helping people from all walks of life to:

  • Quickly pinpoint their root cause issues
  • Create solutions to address them
  • Guide people into clarity regarding what they need and want
  • Put in place action plans to effect powerful change
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What Type of Life Coaching Does B Provide?

B provides Transformation Life Coaching, using her exclusive 3-Step Unleash Your Life© method for achieving personal and professional peak performance. The focus of Life Coaching with B is to transform you, your outcomes, your life and your happiness in direct alignment to the results you are seeking.

The coaching process that B uses, and the dialogue, tools and action plans she will develop with you, can be applied for any specific area of your life that you wish to focus on, or can be broadly applied to every aspect of your life. You receive tailored coaching based on your unique situation.

3-Step Unleash Your Life© Method

It's through this 3-Step exclusive Unleash Your Life© Transformation Life Coaching method that B guided you into a paradigm shift and a practical action plan.

It is directly from your own paradigm (the way in which you process and interpret the world through your beliefs, thought patterns and emotional state) that all your actions stem.

The choices you make and those actions you take then create your results and the life situation you are now experiencing.

Creating shifts in your life (be it internal shifts or changes in external circumstance) is never solely about taking different action.

If you continue to take action, even new targeted actions, but you are continuing to act out of a foggy paradigm of negative beliefs, limiting thoughts and unmanaged emotional energy, you will never see the full results you are capable of.

B ensures you receive a paradigm shift, combined with a practical action plan, which are unique to you, your needs and your life situation, and she ensures you follow through to get the results you want.

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What to Expect

1st Time Clients ("Pinpoint" Introductory Session)

All successful change stems from a position of clarity, which informs targeted effective action. You cannot resolve a problem that is not properly defined. You cannot hit a target if you do not know what it is. Therefore, this special offer initial consult allows you to achieve PINPOINT clarity about your situation and your starting point for change, with action recommendations unique to you in order to kick start powerful transformation. It includes:

  • A pre-session Q&A process via email in preparation for the coaching
  • Your private 1 hour coaching session with B conducted in her private online coaching room via Video Conference
  • An audio recording of your session to download so you can listen back for further reflection (optional and upon request)
  • A post-session follow up via email with your recommended action plan
  • Free bonus – Pinch Me Living’s Self-Actualization Master Audio Set – 34 meditation, visualization and affirmation audios to download (valued at $35).
  • 30 day money back guarantee

From the session you will walk away with:

  • A prioritized list of core challenges/issues to be addressed
  • Identification of the root cause of your most significant challenge – commonly what you think is the problem is not actually the source of the issue. Band-aiding surface level symptoms is not effective. Root cause diagnosis is essential for achieving real results
  • At least one targeted action to take or one new ritual to implement right now that will make a massive difference to your situation
  • A renewed sense of personal power to move ahead with greater clarity and confidence

Returning Clients

  • Pre-session email contact with B to update her on your situation in preparation for the coaching
  • Your private 1 hour coaching session with B conducted in her private online coaching room via Video Conference
  • An audio recording of your session to download so you can listen back for further reflection (optional and upon request)
  • A post-session follow up via email with your recommended action plan to progress you forward. This follow up ensures that you have a reference of the session to refer back to, as a lot of ground is covered in the dialogue.
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FREE Positive Affirmations & Meditation Audios

As a life coaching client, you will receive B's Self-Actualization Master Audio Set containing 34 transformational audios - including meditations, visualizations and positive affirmations.

During coaching, B will identify your unique needs and refer you to which audios specifically would most benefit you and your situation, with guidance on how and when to use those audios for greatest effect.

The reason B gifts these audios to you is because your mindset is critical. The way your mind is wired (the beliefs you have, the thoughts you think and how your mind responds to your own feelings, to other people and to life situations) is what is creating your experience of life. Therefore to change your experience of life in any area, it's vital that your mind is shaped in a powerful, positive new direction which aligns to the outcomes you're seeking.

These audios are an extremely effective tool for supporting this - by feeding your mind repetitively and consistently with messages that will create positive inner changes.

Other benefits of these audios include release of stress, fear and anxiety, increase in self-confidence, self-esteem, self-love and self-acceptance, greater inner peace, clarity and connection to your intuition, ability to be at ease with uncertainty and challenges, and support for physical relaxation, healing, sleep and energy.

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Life Coach Guarantee

All Transformation Life Coaching packages come with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee.

B is completely committed to your results. While you are responsible for walking in your shoes and making things happen in your life, she is the one responsible for guiding you to the desired outcome and advising you how to navigate whatever you are facing. She prides herself on providing exceptional client service to help you achieve results.

B has a special initial consultation offer for new clients, and three follow on coaching packages to suit your personal situation and goals.

 Start Transformation Life Coaching with B

Full Package Details Below

Expert Life Coach

You have the flexibility to secure multiple coaching sessions now and schedule them as you need them. Sessions can be used within 12 months of purchase. You will receive direct access links to my online coaching calendar when registering below, and via email afterwards.  You can then schedule your pre-paid coaching session dates/times into my online calendar when you need them.


  • 1 x 1 hr Coaching Session
  • Post Session Email & Action Plan
  • *For 1st Time Clients
  • Instant Booking & Scheduling
  • +34 Free Bonus Audios
  • 30 Day Guarantee

One Dose

  • 1 x 1 hr Coaching Session
  • Post Session Email & Action Plan
  • Session Audio Provided
  • Instant Booking & Scheduling
  • Available Globally
  • 30 Day Guarantee


  • 2 x 1 hr Coaching Sessions
  • Post Session Email & Action Plan
  • Session Audio Provided
  • Instant Booking & Scheduling
  • Available Globally
  • 30 Day Guarantee

Power Up

  • 4 x 1 hr Coaching Sessions
  • Post Session Email & Action Plan
  • Session Audio Provided
  • Instant Booking & Scheduling
  • Available Globally
  • 30 Day Guarantee

10 Pack

  • 10 x 1 hr Coaching Sessions
  • Post Session Email & Action Plan
  • Session Audio Provided
  • Instant Booking & Scheduling
  • Available Globally
  • 30 Day Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions About Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a process whereby a Life Coach and client connect together to address the client's specific personal situation, challenges or goals, to define a course of action to create the results they want. This process is designed to tap the client into their fullest potential.

A Life Coach is a professional that is experienced in supporting clients in this way.

Life Coaching involves mapping out specifically what is going on, pinpointing the root cause issue of any blocks or challenges, as well as identifying the most critical components for achieving any goals you have, and then defining a unique action plan to create the desired outcomes.

Life Coaching allows a client to tap into the expertise and toolkit of an experienced Life Coach, getting insights they might otherwise not personally have, with objective guidance, in a condensed period of time, which leverages them forward and generates faster results than navigating on their own.

Life Coaching plays an important role in supporting people to overcome challenges and achieve goals, by providing:

  • A professional and confidential support system, that clients may not otherwise have
  • An accountability and motivation mechanism for the client to follow through

B's Life Coaching is entirely about enabling you to help yourself. Everything she focuses on is to guide you into personal empowerment, self-reliance and providing you with practical tools you can use now, but also for the rest of your life.

A good Life Coach is one who will reflect back to you what you may not be able to currently see for yourself. Often you are too close to your situation to be objective.

A good Life Coach will put you back in touch with what you already know inside of yourself - cutting through the fog of thoughts and emotions you have, to zone you into what your own intuition is guiding you to do.

A good Life Coach is someone who will honor and respect that this is your life path, and you are your greatest authority. Ultimately you have to make your decisions and feel confident in the path you choose for yourself. Your Life Coach is there to help you clear away the noise, so you can more easily do so.

Life Coaching with B involves focusing on two specific changes.

  1. A shift in your paradigm, your mindset. You will be shown practical ways to identify limiting beliefs and thoughts that hold you back, and ways to rewire your mind for success.
  2. A practical action plan. It's vital you have a powerful mindset to create your life from, but you also need to be in regular action. You will be given a practical action plan to suit your situation, with support and motivation to follow it.

B utilizes her own exclusive 3-step "Unleash Your Life" Transformation Life Coaching method, for achieving personal and professional peak performance. This involves both a shift in your paradigm, and a practical action plan, combined together to effect powerful inner and outer change.

It is entirely dependent on your unique situation, challenges and goals as to how many sessions you will need. There is no "one size fits all" - and you get to choose how much help you want.

To start, B offers a 1-hour introductory life coaching session as a way to pinpoint your exact needs, identifying what is most important for you to focus on as a priority, giving you an initial action plan to kickstart your change.

From that session, you will gain more clarity about whether you want / need ongoing sessions. Follow-on life coaching can be booked as single sessions or session packages.

The benefit of a Life Coach is that they fast forward your progress, cutting to the heart of what is really going on, in a way that you may not be able to do yourself. Often you are too close to the situation to see things clearly.

A Life Coach will ask powerful questions that will clear away all the "clutter" and zone you in on the hot points, seeing exactly what you need to do.

A Life Coach also has an array of tips, tools, exercises and techniques that are specifically designed to help someone in your situation. These are often the result of years/decades of professional coaching experience, personal life experience, training and well tested use. You therefore benefit by getting access to those methods quickly, instead of spending your own precious time researching and playing with things, trying to find what works.

A Life Coach will also help you to see your patterns (in your behavior) as well as patterns that are playing out in your life. By identifying patterns, and being given the right tools to interrupt them, you can send your life in a fresh new direction (spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, financially or professionally).

And lastly, most (if not all) successful people have coaches. Athletes, performers, business people, gurus... they all had someone guiding them through key phases (if not all phases) of their journey. Even coaches have coaches! Drawing upon the wisdom and objectivity of a professional coach will help you achieve what you want more effectively and faster.

To put it simply, it's time to hire a Life Coach if...

  • There is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be
  • You want more from life
  • You want to heal, learn and grow
  • You want to be your best self
  • You want to achieve your optimal success
  • You don't want to spend time and energy trying to figure it out on your own

You can absolutely navigate your life unaided if you choose. Some people do. But if there is help available to make life easier for you, and you're ready, it's a powerful option.

If you are currently under the care of a healthcare professional of any kind, including for your mental and emotional wellbeing (such as a psychologist, psycho-therapist or doctor), it is highly recommended that you advise them that you are participating in Life Coaching. This ensure that everyone on "your team" is aware of what you are learning and doing.

If you are engaging in Life Coaching with B, you will be asked to complete a short client declaration, including outlining any other support you are receiving. This is to ensure that you are helped in the best possible way, with respect for whatever professional care you are already receiving.

Life coaching is generally applicable to all areas of your life, including your professional life.

Some Life Coaches may specialize in one or the other area, and others will cover both.

Check with the Life Coach you are considering using, as to their area of expertise and experience for the specific challenges or goals you most want help with.

One of the key things that make life coaching work for a client, is their ability to relate to their Life Coach, "fit" in terms of style, personality and approach, and being able to trust the Life Coach.

When considering which Life Coach to use, take the time to read their website and supporting resources, to get a feel for who they are. Trust your gut instinct as to whether the person feels right for you.

Then, check their client testimonials. Feedback from people who have already engaged with a Life Coach is one of the best ways to ascertain if the coach is someone you feel confident working with.

Lastly, if you have specific questions, reach out to the Life Coach and ask them for whatever clarity you need in order to make a decision. A good Life Coach will respect that you are taking your decision seriously before engaging in the life coaching process.

Yes. People achieve great results with life coaching, whether it is online or in person, based not on the way the coaching is conducted (virtually or in a physical location) but on the fit between the coach and the client, and the Life Coach's expertise, and the client's commitment to the process.

If you are concerned about doing life coaching online, check the testimonials of former clients who have been through the same online process to see their feedback. This may help you to decide what is right for you.

  • Confidence, self-belief, self-worth, self-acceptance, self-love and self-esteem
  • Fear, anxiety, sadness, stress and overwhelm
  • Love, relationships and communication
  • Vocation, career and business success
  • Productivity, planning and effectiveness
  • Motivation, taking action and follow through
  • Living a soul-aligned and conscious life
  • Spiritual growth
  • Mind mastery - changing your beliefs and thoughts
  • Mindfulness/presence
  • Dealing with strong/difficult emotions
  • Self-care and wellbeing
  • Health, healing, fitness, weight and positive body image
  • Juggling life, work-life balance
  • Dealing with money, finances, and prosperity mindset
  • Balancing your head and heart
  • Finding inner peace and happiness
  • Finding and living your purpose
  • Getting out of a rut
  • Creating positive changes
  • Making decisions
  • Letting go of the past
  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Getting organized
  • Manifesting outcomes
  • Living your aspirations and dreams

Life Coaching sessions with B are as follows:

PINPOINT SESSION - Introductory 1-hour session for first-time clients - $95 USD
ONE DOSE SESSION - One-off 1-hour session for returning clients - $150 USD
SPRINGBOARD PACKAGE - 2 x 1-hour sessions for returning clients - $280 USD
POWER UP PACKAGE - 4 x 1-hour sessions for returning clients - $520 USD
10 SESSION PACKAGE - 10 x 1-hour sessions for returning clients - $1300 USD

B's coaching is conducted via online Video Conference. This is a private coaching room hosted on a secure platform called Zoom. It is super simple to use, requires no special software or login.

When you book a session, you will be given a link. A few minutes before your scheduled session, simply click that link and follow the on-screen instructions to enter the room.

The coaching sessions are video calls, so you will need to ensure you have your web cam (or built-in camera on your device) working, as well as your speakers/microphone set up and functioning.

An Important Message from Bernadette

If you're looking for leverage for rapid positive change, let me share with you how I can help you.

Quite often when people first connect with me and the free resources I offer, this is exactly what they want to know - "How can you help me go further?"

While there are a lot of incredible tools here on my website to help you, in all the years I've been doing this, it's 100% clear (based purely on results) that the most powerful, rapid and transformative change I've created with people has come about through a one-on-one session together.

There's just no substitute for personalized support, where you get customized solutions based on your unique needs.

I've been on a personal growth journey myself now for 20 years. So I know exactly what it's like to be walking the path and trying to figure out your "stuff".

I've read, watched, listened to and attended hundreds of things along the way. And with hand on heart I'll tell you - the biggest "pivot points" (where things really changed for me) always came about when I stepped out of my self-guided process momentarily and booked in to see someone. Be it a clinical psychologist, a hypnotist, a coach, or a spiritual advisor.

Every time, without fail, it was worth it. Each time it helped me to pivot on the spot into more clarity, new action and positive forward movement.

I'm sure you know the pain of trying to apply generic books, audios, blogs and advice to your situation. Sometimes it's like holding a gold nugget in your hand, but you're blindfolded, with ear muffs on! You have no idea what you're meant to actually DO with it.

It's one thing to get inspired for a moment and sense possibility. It's a whole other thing to be able to sustain that and translate it into practical action and tangible results in your own life.

I've seen first-hand how a private coaching session with me saves my clients so much time and confusion, and leverages them very quickly into a much better position.

It's amazing how much you can achieve in just 1 hour. It's like hitting a springboard and flying forward!

To be honest, I've never been a particularly patient person myself when it comes to achieving outcomes for myself (everyone who knows me will attest to that!). So when I work with you in a private session, the one thing I think about is this...

If I were in your shoes, what would I want? What would I need? And how would I get resolution of the issue or achievement of the goal ASAP?

My entire focus when I do a private session with you is to set you up so you don't need me anymore. I've crafted my free resources, coaching and products at Pinch Me Living to ENABLE people to HELP THEMSELVES.

That's what I want for you. For you to be empowered and practically armed with the tools you need to thrive spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, in your relationships, career/business and lifestyle or any other area.

In a one-on-one session, we focus on shifting your inner paradigm (beliefs and thoughts) so you see yourself, others, life and your situation differently. And crafting an action plan unique to you that takes those inner changes and sets them in motion to create tangible results in your outer circumstances.

If there is something you want to resolve or achieve, and you're done with trying to work it out on your own, book a session with me now and let's leverage you forward!

I have a powerful introductory 1-hour session offer for new clients.

It's called a "PINPOINT" session, because it involves getting pinpoint clarity about your situation and your leverage point for transformation.

Most often people simply don't realize what the true root cause problem is in their situation. They expend too much energy, time and effort dealing with symptoms. It's critical to get to the heart of what is really going on behind any issues, or behind any goal that you're trying to achieve, in order to get best results.

Have you heard the saying, "Can't see the wood for the trees"?

You probably know where I'm going with this... one major issue people face is they are TOO CLOSE to their issues, goals or situation in order to see it clearly. That is why an objective 3rd party is able to see it with clarity and speed. It's not because you're not smart and capable! It's because anyone too closely involved to something loses the advantage of fresh, removed perspective. That's why coaching is so popular. You leverage someone else's vantage point to fast forward.

My clients attest to the fact that this is where I excel... I quickly pinpoint what is really going on and focus you in on solutions to address it. We literally push aside all the noise, non-essentials, distractions and confusion, going straight to the heart of things.

By the way - as well as being someone who personally likes rapid results (a nicer way of saying that I'm impatient), I'm also very practical. While it's super important to work with new insight and shifting perspectives through conversation and exercises we do together, but it's equally important to ensure that you have the practical know-how to implement that change in your daily life.

Where the "rubber meets the road" is when you're out there on your own and you need to know what to DO. I'm not interested in hyped up motivation and inspiration that has no substance. I'm interested in real change that lasts, and practical ways to make that happen.

Need a life coach? Special introductory life coaching offer with Bernadette Logue - Transformation Life Coach. Plus bonus 34 affirmation & meditation audios.
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Client Testimonials

"Really, thank you times a million B! Wow, you fully surpassed any expectations. I cannot express my gratitude enough for what you've done, this is so cutting to the core of what's going on, and I can't believe you even wrote out affirmation samples. I was thinking "I need to make my own affirmation set designed for this situation, but... what would I say?" Because I really like how your affirmations use the right vocab and the wording is always on-point. I've used other affirmations in the past which were a bit too open and vague. And you did it! What a great list. Next time I need targeted advice, I will ask for a coaching session as I really got a lot out of our session tonight, so many epiphanies! The attention you pay to details is outstanding. You cleared my mind when I was feeling overwhelmed, and now I just feel lighter. I feel more confident and capable. Thanks again for your generosity of time and resources."
"B really helped me achieve a lot of clarity that I thought was not possible in a really dark time in my life. With her practical suggestions and tools that she gave me in our private coaching sessions, I was able to approach a difficult situation in my life with a lot more ease and peace. Our sessions are very to the point and thorough. She really took everything I said, no matter how small I thought it was, and we examined it. She took my words a step further and helped me figure out why I was feeling a certain way through inquiry. I feel very comfortable with B and that my information is sacred to her and feel that her sessions are very professional. These sessions have been the best investment I have made in myself and I encourage you to seek her counsel if you are having any issues in your life that have been challenging and are not easy to navigate."
"I love Bernadette’s videos, website, and coaching sessions. I felt comfortable and safe talking with Bernadette . I really needed to clear some head space so I could calm down and be effective and make progress at work. I also have issues with my own body image. Bernadette helped with both of these issues, to clear them (the blocks) and to think differently with an action oriented plan that was suited for me. Bernadette is attentive, compassionate, and understands many various struggles. I’ve gotten more valuable insight from Bernadette’s coaching than I have from my therapy sessions which were expensive especially for weekly sessions. I look forward to Bernadette working with me in future coaching sessions. A true light!"
"I signed up for the 1-1 coaching because I wanted to hit areas that were sticky, long held beliefs that held me back from forgiving and loving myself. I am so grateful and impressed with Bernadette’s approach. We exchanged emails before the Skype call, she was prepared to cover all the areas I wanted to work on, and our hour was amazing. She can pack so much into an hour and provides an audio, and written summary of the session following our coaching session, that I can listen to and work on each point as long as I needed. This has helped me really focus on the root of my issues, to change my beliefs, and to take action. I have been involved in individual counselling over the past 20 years, and I have never gotten down to such a plan, or made such amazing progress as I’ve made with Bernadette in two 1-1 counselling sessions and the Master your Mind course, in such a short time. She is an amazing coach and teacher."
"I found Bernadette at just about the worst time of my life and will be forever grateful. Listening to the audios from calls we have had is helping me to hold on at a time when I feel I am drowning. Over many years, for different things, I have used many therapists to discuss life issues. The issues never seemed quite this severe. Bernadette is completely different from all the "therapists" and somehow has the ability to hone in directly and get to the crux of things. She does not sugar coat a thing which is exactly what I need. Thank you, Bernadette, over and over again. This is so very hard to go through all of this. I am grateful to have found you at 2 am. I would recommend you to anyone who is having a hard time, and already have. Also, you are the only person I have REQUESTED to write a testimonial for. Usually you look at people's web sites and you can easily spot all these fake testimonials... I did not look at your site until I was looking to add a testimonial and I was struck by the number of real people out there who were baring their souls...and I am one of them. Thank you again... I am sure I will reach out to you soon again."
"I have been feeling a big relief from the stress of the past and am experiencing some real inner peace as a result of finally coming to the conclusion that it is okay to be myself and that real joy in life can be found by fully expressing myself. I am glad that you have been able to show me that I can be courageous and be vulnerable, that real transformation is on the other side of that equation if I allow myself to be fully me – my genuine and authentic self. I have recently reached out to a few old friends that know me well and several of them have expressed how much more relaxed and happy I seem to them. They are able to clearly see the results of my newer improved version of myself. I have found myself in a few recent business meetings be fully self-expressed, completely calm, confident and speaking clearly and effectively. I am also seeing where I am connecting with others on a deeper level, primarily with those that are naturally aware, where the dialogue seems to flow so much more naturally than the forced and ill-conceived conversations of the past. I also see where my problem solving abilities are beginning to gain greater strength, as I seem to think through challenges more clearly than in the past. My greater clarity is helping me to make better decisions at work and in my personal life as well."
"I had been feeling like I could use the services of a life coach when Bernadette's invitation to a personal coaching session arrived in my inbox. Normally, this is not the type of thing I would sign up to do remotely, but from the moment I first came across B's affirmations videos on YouTube, something about her really connected with me, so I jumped at the opportunity to have a coaching session with her. She asked me a series of questions prior to our session and I emailed her my responses. During our session, she addressed the major issues I had written to her about and provided solid insight and alternative perspectives at looking at things. I appreciated that she had taken the time to formulate responses to my particular issues and was able to provide useful and specific advice for my situations. She is respectful and non-judgemental in her approach -- a truly gifted teacher, coach, and ambassador of the Universe."
"If you are wondering if you should have a coaching session with Bernadette I encourage you to do so! If you have found her site, that must mean you are looking to improve your life in some circumstance or another and B is just the person for the job. She took the time to ask detailed questions before our appointment as to really get "under the hood" and provide a positive, non-judgmental and refreshing approach to my circumstances. She provided me with more material that I could use in my life in a more practical way that allowed me to continue to learn from our coaching session. Being able to have a recording of our session also helped immensely as I was able to listen to it more than once! Bernadette is as wise as she is helpful and I am very thankful for the information, I could feel my vibration rise! It won't be the last time for me, thanks again B."
"If you're on the fence about coaching with B, I fully encourage you to take the next step. I am so happy I just 'went for it', as I was so surprised by the results. What I thought was the problem, was in fact NOT, and B assisted me in not only identifying the true core issue, but also devising a focused and easy strategy which I only had to implement. Plus you get a recording of the session, and the recording itself was amazing to listen back to ('did I really say that?')... and I mean, you get all the awesome affirmation sets too! I listen to them every day and in my opinion, those resources alone are more than worth it. I was actually quite surprised at the price; I feel she is undercharging for such an awesome service, but power to her, because it makes it accessible for more people to get the support they need to live their best life. Since our coaching session, I am no longer stuck in the negative limiting paradigm and focus on the present and I'm working on some exciting projects which work well with my current situation. So thanks for getting my life back on track B! And to everyone else; DO IT. This coaching will blow your mind and sort you out. I 100% believe the world would be a better, high vibe place if everyone had the peace of mind which 'Pinch Me Living' coaching brings."
"Bernadette came with a glowing recommendation from a dear friend. Although I was very interested, I kept "researching it further" on my to do list for about 6 months without taking any action. As it turns out, I came across her affirmation-related videos on Youtube and was very moved. I listened every night before bed for months. It became a huge and nourishing part of my life, a cherished ritual to level set my thinking and shift / open up my perspective. I decided to take up her introductory coaching offer as an investment in myself and was so glad I did. I found Bernadette to be so insightful. Her ability to think on her feet, parse out information and get to the heart of the matter was astonishing. She is a skilled listener, was prepared for our call and offered useful follow-up notes. I found her feedback and suggestions very useful, kind and action-oriented which was right on target with my wish for the call. I am looking forward to working with Bernadette more in the future!"
"Our session has revolutionized me as a mother. I re-listened to our call and took 10 pages of notes in my journal. I recorded the personalized affirmation you emailed me and listen to it nearly every day. I can't even explain the profound shifts that are occurring in my mind and heart. I rarely judge myself in my mind and I am becoming a friend to myself instead of my own worst enemy. I find so much joy in my life as a mother and the guilt has literally evaporated. I let myself flow through my routine, but do not beat myself up if I can't be perfect at getting everything done or make mistakes in parenting. I can't thank you enough for the time you invested in my growth. I have always felt so alone and there are days of discouragement when I have felt like no one understands me or has the answers I am seeking. I consider you the best life coach on earth and I am so grateful to know I can reach out to you for further coaching."
"She really helped me get a big-picture perspective on what was going on in my life, so I was able to target the specific things I needed to focus on, and help unravel the false beliefs and fears that were holding me back. She helped me to see and understand what life was asking of me so I could truly grow and heal in the ways I needed to in order to move forward with clarity. It was extremely helpful in unpacking all of my confused thoughts and emotions, and getting to the heart of the issue, and from there, coming up with a practical plan that would help meet my needs and get me to where I wanted to go."
"Having already completed several coaching sessions with Bernadette, I must give testimony that she has led me to make some big transformations on both a personal and professional level. B is very intelligent, acutely perceptive and will quickly guide the session to hone in on what is really important and will then intuitively provide guidance and a new perspective that will blow you away! Implementing her action plan for me has started a transformation in me that has been nothing short of spectacular! I would highly recommend booking a session with Bernadette; she will exceed your expectations tenfold!"
"I don’t ask for help, I don’t discuss my ‘issues’ with others and it is very rare for me to find someone that can relate to me on my energy level. Oh wait!! That was last month! As soon as I read her book ‘Pinch Me’ I sensed that Bernadette might be the one person who could change things up for me – I was right. On the button, straight talking, challenging my thinking, blasting me out of the wee comfort zone I had built up for myself. Divine spirit led me to Bernadette and I know that I have a long way to go but I’m ready for it and I couldn’t think of anyone better to coach me on this fantastic journey into my new future. Thanks Bernadette, I really appreciate you."
"It was such a pleasure having a session with Bernadette. I got so much out of our first session. Bernadette sees and understands what is at the center of the tornado that is my destructive patterns. She is vibrant, resourceful, and supportive. I was able to walk away from our first session confident, clear and motivated- knowing that working with her means connecting to my true self and seeing results."
I absolutely love what B does in her work, I love the way she approaches every session, with ease and professionalism, she nailed everything that I wanted and more. I’ve had two other coaches throughout the years and neither have come close to helping me get my act together like B helped. I have especially loved the beliefs work we did. ‘Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.’ ― Henry Ford
"The session with Bernadette has had a profound positive effect on me. After our conversation, I immediately felt lighter and more calm. Main reason being that I have a better understanding of what I can do, what my beliefs stem from and how the situation is an opportunity to make my life better and more enjoyable. Thank you so very much. It is the most precious gift I could have been given and I want to thank you for showing me the right way."
"Working with Bernadette helped me boost my self confidence and trust in my own inner guidance, my sense of self worth, and my inner peace. I am truly thankful for the results of my sessions with Bernadette because she helped to redirect and guide me back into the flow of my life which has, and continues to, unfold beautifully. I'm the happiest, healthiest, most at peace, present, and full of self love than I've ever been in my life so I'm very excited!"
"I just wanted to thank B for turning my life around!! At the darkest times, during the roughest days her words helped guide me through my days and into a new way of living life. My life is amazing now. I went from a job that I loathed and being unfulfilled to finding my soul’s purpose and being so blissfully happy and fulfilled. This journey was so worth it with B at my side. Thank you B for all that you do."
"Bernadette has been the only life coach I've ever worked with who never pointed a finger or traced anything back to my parents - Lol! That's just too easy of course blame our parents! They just did their best, so I never bought that from the other coaches I've worked with, who said that. Bernadette's style isn't to blame anyone else for what is happening to us, she simply put everything back on me, in my hands because I am in control of my life. I feel very conscious of where I am and where I intend to be. From the depth of my soul, thank you Bernadette!"
"I loved working with Bernadette. She knows what she’s about! Her professional yet heartfelt approach is simply awesome. She helped me with getting clarity around what I want to achieve in my life at work & personally. I love that she is organised, real, inspiring, down to earth & yet connected at a deeper spiritual level also. I thoroughly recommend B – it is true that she works effectively with mind, body and spirit. Perfect combination for an authentic coach for anyone! Thank you!"
"Working with Bernadette has been amazing. She has helped me shift my perspective in a way that has enabled me to become aware of, and untether from, ways of thinking that hold me back. It has been an absolutely liberating process. With respect to her style of coaching, Bernadette aligns her approach to my ‘left brain-ness’, while also helping me to explore my ‘spiritual’ side as well. Her support spans corporate, career, relationships, self… head, heart and soul. I’m so grateful to have met her and highly recommend her coaching services."
"Just a note to express gratitude for the power and growth I’ve experienced from my short telephone work with you and for the good that’s unfolding in my life as a result of working with your Unleash Your Life book for the past several months. My life has a very sweet glow to it."
"I’ve had a persistent nudging for over a decade to explore my spirituality and grow as a person. I’ve met different healers, shamans, life coaches and energy workers and while all taught me something, no one felt like the right teacher to REALLY help me expand. And then I found Bernadette! On our first consultation I knew that she was different. She was able to completely understand what I was experiencing, validate it and articulate it back to me along with a fresh, new perspective. B is on my team fully supporting me — whether it’s responding to an email covering every single concern, chatting over FaceTime or just listening to her reassuring voice speak personalized affirmations to me every morning as I get ready for work."
"If it hadn't been for Bernadette I would have probably lost all self-esteem and confidence. Through her I have been able to develop something better, a type of quiet confidence and knowing of who I am. I can't really explain it...I suppose it was as though she had guided me through the fog so that I can see the few miles of those low lying pesky clouds that prevent good visibility of what lies ahead. I am honored to have her as my life coach."
"I have been struggling for the past decade with several issues, but most pressingly, the NYS Bar. I struggled with the Bar so much I would start crying, hyperventilating and lose sleep and appetite each year as the days neared the exam. Bernadette, in her calm, reassuring voice, allowed me to see that I was exerting so much emotional energy into the exam, I didn’t have much intellectual energy left to tackle the exam with clarity. Bernadette patiently and softly explained to me that I am enough, divinely prepared, I don’t have to do anything to access divine wisdom and this exam will not prevent me from being a success. New concepts to someone who solely defined her worth by her achievements. I continue to listen daily to Bernadette’s empowering affirmations and centering meditations to allow the desires of my heart to manifest. Thank you, Bernadette."
"What a wonderful soul session I shared with you last night! I have printed off your summary and have had a smile on my face all morning. Finding you has been a precious gift of healing, insight and compassion. I have a whole new perspective on events. Thank you seems so inadequate, but from the depths of my heart and soul thank you for your gifts to help me move forward in love, hope and purpose!"
"Bernadette's gift to be able to see my issues in such a nonjudgemental and objective way set the stage for a wonderful session, that has since prevented me from kicking myself in the behind for making life changing decisions that have been uncomfortable at times. I honestly didn't want to be one of those people who lived a complacent life, so I leaped, I walked by faith not by sight. Bernadette showed me why that was the best decision, for me. She helped me to not look back and never regret."
"I had a coaching session with Bernadette during a very trying time in my life. I was in an emotional rut bordering on depression and couldn’t get free of it. My session with B gave me a different way of thinking and a great tool (EFT) to help me move forward. I was able to begin shifting my energy and am doing sooo much better!"