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  • Tired of battling your own negative thoughts and feelings?
  • Being triggered into negative reaction due to other people and situations?
  • Feeling drained of energy and unsure how to be calm in the face of your circumstances?
  • Resisting life, unable to accept the things you can't control?
  • Lost in the details and demands of daily life?
  • Feeling disconnected from your own center and intuition?
  • Experiencing fear, anxiety, stress, worry or doubt?
  • Burdened by the past and unable to let go?
  • Wanting greater self-confidence, self-acceptance and self-love?
  • Ready to believe in and create a bright future?

You're Not Alone in Feeling That Way

PeaceMost of us know what it's like to experience a moment of inner peace. Those moments usually arise because we have had a moment of "awe and wonder". Like seeing a sunrise, looking into a baby's face, or experiencing deep gratitude for something that has happened.

We also experience moments of inner peace when the conditions of our lives (relationships, finances, career, health) are going our way, and we feel in control.

But few people experience sustainable inner peace.

We all know we can't control everything in life. Life is like a roller coaster, and the ups and downs in outer circumstances send most people into a yo-yo cycle of up and down emotions to match.

That is truly exhausting. I know that you know what I mean. We have all experienced it at some point.

The reason most people don't have sustainable inner peace is because they don't realise they can. And even if they want to, their mind is conditioned with perspectives that don't support it.

It's amazing what happens when you come to realise what is truly possible for you right now, and you're given the perspective shifts and practical tools to make it real in daily life...

Did You Know You Can...

  • Experience inner peace no matter what your circumstances
  • Be in control of how you feel in situations that most people react negatively to
  • Carry a calm center within yourself that nothing can ever take away from you
  • Positively impact your life circumstances and relationships through your energy
  • More easily create solutions and achieve goals because of the perspectives you live from
  • Have a confidence, faith and personal power that others will see shining out of you
  • Bring inner peace to the forefront of your life in practical ways...

You Can Reclaim Your Power Right Now

New Perspectives & Practical Tools to Get Started...

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All the Insights & Practical Tools You Need

"Live with Inner Peace Online Course"

  • 12 hours of Live with Inner Peace video coaching (over 100 videos - see below for exact topics) to guide you into inner peace, with exclusive teachings from Pinch Me Living. Easy-to-follow course design, in 7 key sections.
  • 15 practical modules showing how to integrate the Live with Inner Peace teachings in your daily life, with accompanying PDF guide.
  • 5 awareness enhancing practises and 3 calming rituals.
  • 4 outer review modules for creating adjustments in your life situation to support inner peace, with accompanying PDF exercise sheet.
  • 6 affirmation/mantra audio downloads in mp3 format, exclusive to this course, for further embedding key messages that support your inner peace.
Life Coach Bernadette Logue
  • 5 meditation/visualisation audio downloads in mp3 format, that directly support inner peace and the teachings from the course.
  • Audio download of the entire course in mp3 format for listening offline and on-the-go.
  • Members area login for easy interaction with all course materials.
  • On-demand access to watch from the comfort of your home or office, at your convenience, for self-paced growth.
  • Lifetime access - return to the Live with Inner Peace members area whenever you wish to revisit your course material.
  • 30 day 100% money back guarantee.
  • This course was prepared with love, so wherever you, whatever you are experiencing on your life journey, that love will reach you through these teachings.


"I'm feeling very connected to your gifts of sharing... being a co-owner of a business, these practises really do help, also in day to day life... I'm so grateful to have connected with you and for all your work."
"Just started the course and I can see already that this is just what I have been searching for. Thank you for the gift of your immense wisdom."
"I highly recommend the ‘Live with Inner Peace’ online course by Bernadette Logue. Having personally struggled for decades with a mind filled with worry, fear and anxiety, the course has been instrumental in guiding my life’s journey to finding inner peace.

B’s course has been a gift to me in so many ways. It has guided me through a defined process to help me identify why inner peace was missing and also provided me with an arsenal of practical tools, tips and processes that could be easily implemented to lift the fog from my clouded mind and ultimately find clarity and an inner peace that I had not ever thought possible.

While going through the steps within the ‘Live with Inner Peace’ course, I found the courage within to make major adjustments in my thinking, which has resulted in finding a new perspective about life and my life’s purpose. I now find that my new-found inner peace is having a positive influence in how I relate to other people in both my personal and professional life. There has been a paradigm shift in my way of thinking and my entire experience of life is now on a new path. I highly recommend the ‘Live with Inner Peace’ online course – it is a true gateway experience to finding inner peace!"

"I just wanted to let you know how life enhancing your Live With Inner Peace online course is.... I feel in this slightly euphoric state. I sit and meditate a lot when before I used to go go go. Work opportunities are rushing in. It makes me laugh - I'm not 'doing' anything to create that... but of course I am! I just listened to the course video about control. I have always had a need for outward certainty and sense of control, and now I am shedding that, and somehow I actually feel more in control. But it is not about external control but inner, and the rest takes care of itself - and magically it does. The state of inner peace does influence the outer. Thank you."

Benefits of Increased Inner Peace

Creating inner peace
  • More effectively able to manage low vibration ("negative") thought/feeling patterns
  • Empowered response to triggers (people, events, circumstances)
  • Greater capacity for creating the change and solutions you want
  • Energetic leverage to achieve your goals and aspirations
  • Flow on to greater quality and depth of relationships
  • Ability to simply "be" with the issues other people/society are facing
  • Increased spiritual connectedness (feeling aligned to your soul)
  • Improved physical, mental and emotional wellbeing
  • Ability to detach from details and stress-buttons in your daily life
  • More effectively deal with challenges, confusion or overwhelm, with personal power
  • Enhanced ability to communicate and listen well
  • Space within from which to let go of the past
  • Access for greater manifestation of what you most desire
  • Heightened self-confidence, self-acceptance and self-love
  • A feeling of more ease, grace and flow within yourself and your life, irrespective of circumstances

Experience & Results

350x200Bernadette Logue is an experienced Transformation Coach and Author, utilizing her own exclusive Unleash Your Life transformation coaching method for helping you to master your mind, live consciously and soul aligned.

In this online course, you will benefit from her unique blend of expertise across personal growth, conscious living, spirituality and soul alignment, plus her experience in professional peak performance coaching and human resources consulting. This program brings to you higher wisdom with real, practical and down-to-earth applicability.

B works with people across the USA, Canada, Europe, the United Kingdom, Asia, Australia and New Zealand – conducting private coaching sessions and group programs/courses online. Members of the Pinch Me Living community around the world include individuals creating greater inner peace and happiness, better relationships, lifestyle improvements and the achievement of goals, or those leveraging help to navigate challenges and change. As well as business professionals/companies using mind mastery and conscious living/working practises to improve workplace productivity, performance, communication, and relationships, reducing stress, leading to success.

Contact B for More Details

Master Your MindIf you have any questions about the course itself or whether it is suitable for you, please feel free to get in touch with Bernadette via email:

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The background music in selected Pinch Me Living audios (provided as bonuses in this course) is attributed to Kevin MacLeod (, with such tracks as: Fluidscape, Numinous Shine, Light Awash, Carefree, Bathed in the Light, Windswept, Meditation Impromptu 01, Revival and Reunited.  Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0