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Boost Your Happiness Video Workshop

33 Practical Happiness Boosters: Online Workshop to Uplift You

  • Feeling a bit down, stuck or “blah” and ready to reinvigorate yourself?
  • Tired of happiness advice that isn’t practical and proven?
  • Ready to bring back your smile and the spring in your step?
  • Want to feel lighter, brighter, more soul aligned and inspired?
  • Need immediate results to get the energy and momentum flowing in your life?

Everyone Needs a Lift

  • We’re sure you know that it’s easy enough to fall into a “bad space” from time to time, and it can be tough to break out of that funk on your own.
  • And life has its natural ups and downs, sometimes things happen outside of your control that cause you to “yo yo” in your feelings, with your level of happiness reflecting whatever your circumstances are. That can be frustrating and exhausting.
  • You’re not alone if you’ve ever pondered how to be “one of those people” who seem to be pretty consistently happy, positive and balanced, with ease and flow in their life. Were they born that way?!

If you’re not experiencing the type of happiness you want, there is nothing “wrong” with you. Happiness doesn’t just “happen to you”. It is something you choose and create. So, you simply need a few powerful new tools in your toolkit that you can reliably and practically use to help you create the inner feelings and outer results you want.

Often people don’t get taught these tools growing up, and so our own personal development falls upon our shoulders as adults. We eventually get to a point where we are not willing to suffer emotional ups and downs anymore and we finally stand up to and say “YES!” to more consistent and sustainable happiness for ourselves.

If you can relate to this, you’re in the right place. Here at Pinch Me Living we offer a solution to support you…

Boost Your Happiness Online Workshop

We’re all about giving you practical tools that will make a real difference with your happiness, and empowering you with easy and proven methods that you can use over and over again for the rest of your life, for genuine transformation and lasting change.

HappinessPinch Me Living’s Boost Your Happiness Workshop is a power packed 2.5 hour experience that you can watch on-demand in the comfort of your home or office, at a super affordable price, with a diverse range of practical personal transformation tips specifically for supporting more happiness. You will receive 33 practical and effective Happiness Boosters during this workshop.

Imagine what it would be like to feel more positive, balanced, peaceful and happy within yourself on a consistent and ongoing basis, irrespective of circumstances. Imagine the power of being in control of your own happiness, as the master of your destiny and captain of your ship.

And, because you are an “inside out creator”, where your energy is directly influencing everything you do, create and attract into your life, boosting your happiness will positively impact upon your personal life, your career/business, your physical wellbeing, your relationships and your overall lifestyle. Plus, the energy of happiness has a direct link to the amount of “flow” you experience and the level of synchroncities, coincidences and opportunities that come into your path.


“As a former coaching client and avid follower of Bernadette Logue, I am very excited about her Happiness Booster Workshop. Bernadette has combined her profound insight into the human experience with her ageless spiritual wisdom (along with a good dose of humor) and has given us a practical guide to finding and maintaining peace and happiness in our daily lives. This is not some pie-in-the-sky spiritual dogma, but instead, is a practical how-to manual to guide us in our perpetual endeavor to find balance and harmony in our lives.”

“I finished your workshop and it’s really interesting! Some happiness boosters showed me aspects and things that I used to underestimate, but over the days that I’ve been practising the exercises I put a complete different value on them! Others boosters gave me more awareness on myself, on my behaviour, on who I am today, and what I need to change to support my happiness. Definitely the practical exercises helped me to apply and understand the material, and to see how the happiness boosters worked specifically for me… and I get the surprise of what my intuition, nudges, inner whispers said to me! And the final point in the workshop about reliable inner peace, opened my eyes. This workshop is a really good support on my journey, and it was helpful to learn more about myself… sometimes it reminds me what I forgot about myself!”

“Bernadette offers step-by-step applications that produce results, often immediately. Her loving compassion and her selfless devotion to serving mankind is a gift to our world. I highly recommend this workshop to everyone. We are all seekers and Bernadette sheds great light on our chosen paths in a way that we can all relate to. If you are not already acquainted with Bernadette’s work, then this is the time to become acquainted. Incorporating Bernadette’s wisdom and philosophies into my life has given me the solid spiritual foundation on which I daily build my life.”

Experience & Results

Transformation Coaching

B is an experienced Transformation Life Coach, utilizing her own exclusive Unleash Your Life transformation coaching method for achieving results for people in their personal and professional lives.

In this workshop, you will benefit from her unique blend of coaching expertise across personal growth, conscious living, spirituality and soul alignment, plus her experience in professional peak performance coaching, human resources and corporate business consulting.

B works with people from all walks of life around the world, to achieve the life experience they desire. From individuals wanting greater inner peace and happiness, better relationships, lifestyle improvements, achievement of goals or needing help navigating change, through to business professionals/companies looking for improved workplace productivity, performance and satisfaction through conscious living/working practises.

She coaches in private sessions and group programs/courses online, reaching clients across the United States, Canada, Europe, the UK, South Africa, Asia and Australasia.

You will get an incredibly practical approach to life when you work with Pinch Me Living’s resources and coaching. B comes from a background which includes operational management, quality management, executive level business coordination working with Government officials, Judges, CEOs, MDs and Boards, combined with performance management and consulting experience. Her on-the-ground knowledge of coaching and human potential has been built up through working within small start-up businesses through to iconic brands, contracting in and out of companies, as well as holding permanent senior positions.


The 33 Happiness Boosters provided in this workshop are designed to help you in all the following ways, which directly impact on your happiness:

  • Understanding of your energy and how to care for it
  • A positive and uplifted mindset
  • How-to-be-HappierGreater mind, body and soul balance
  • Closer sense of and alignment to your intuition
  • Personal empowerment
  • Motivation and inspiration
  • Inner peace
  • Clarity and confidence
  • Sense of control over your path forward
  • Spiritual awareness
  • Fresh new perspectives to influence your daily life
  • More presence
  • Greater connectedness in relationships
  • Higher perspective
  • Increased appreciation for and understanding of both your blessings and challenges
  • Ease and flow, opening up for more synchronicities, coincidences, opportunities and miracles in your life
  • More consistent and sustainable happiness for yourself, which also radiates outward to positively impact all the people in your life

You Will Experience More Happiness

In this workshop you will receive…

  • 33 individual Happiness Boostersfind happiness
  • Practical coaching which you can apply in your day to day life for real results
  • Tips that can be acted upon immediately for instant shifts in how you feel
  • A 2.5 hour workshop video, with easy to follow on-screen content
  • Start, pause or stop the video as you wish, to reflect, write notes and do the suggested exercises.
  • Plus a final tip at the end of this workshop which is fundamental to Pinch Me Living’s philosophy – on why inner peace is so vitally important, beyond happiness.
  • On-demand access
  • Lifetime access

BONUSES – You will also receive all of the following…

  • The full workshop in audio download – 2.5 hours of coaching to listen anytime, anywhere, now or in future (in mp3 download)
  • Happiness Boosters Exercise Sheet with Q&A prompts for each of the 33 Happiness Boosters to apply them to your unique situation (in PDF download)
  • Happiness Boosters Workshop Slides to print for review, easy reference in future or making notes (in PDF download)
  • Happiness Boosters Summary List to print for easy reference somewhere you will see regularly, as a reminder, listing all 33 of the boosters (in PDF download)
  • Plus, we have compiled over 40 related resources from the Pinch Me Living archives that relate specifically to these individual Happiness Boosters, so you can easily go more in-depth on any tip/topic that particularly resonates with you.

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

life coach guarantee

All Pinch Me Living workshops, audios and coaching come with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee.  B is completely committed to your results. While you are responsible for walking in your shoes and making things happen in your life, she is the one responsible for guiding you to the desired outcome and advising you how to navigate whatever you are facing. She prides herself on providing exceptional client service and to ensure you achieve results. If for any reason you are not satisfied, we wholeheartedly encourage you to contact us at:

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