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The Complete Meditation Audio Set

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Meditation Audios
  • 7-Minute Daily Breathing Meditation for Presence & Calm
  • 6-Minute Daily Visualisation for Goal Achievement
  • 8-Minute Empowerment and Self-Love Meditation
  • Guided Sleep Meditation for Peaceful, Restful, Rejuvenating Sleep
  • Morning Meditation for Higher Perspective, Inner Peace & Personal Power
  • Calming Meditation in Uncertain Times for Calm, Faith & Allowing
  • White Light Meditation for Stress Relief, Inner Peace & Healing
  • Speak to Your Soul Meditation for Connecting to Higher Self & Strengthening Intuition
  • Energy Clearing Meditation for Releasing Negative Energy & Elevating Your Vibration
  • Release People from Your Life Meditation for Cutting Energy Connections & Freeing Yourself

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All Pinch Me Living audios come with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee.  B is completely committed to providing you with high quality products. While you are responsible for how you use these products and for your flow on choices and actions to align to the powerful inner shifts these audios provide, B prides herself on exceptional client service, on providing relevant content to support you with real life day to day challenges, and if for any reason you are not satisfied, we wholeheartedly encourage you to contact us: FOR BEST RESULTS WITH ALL AUDIOS: Use regularly and utilise a headset for listening.

Breathing Meditation

for Presence & Calm

Breathing Meditation

Benefits:  Remove attention from external noise and demands, finding stillness within yourself. Connect to your breath. Relax mind and body through this connection. Refresh yourself ready to go about your activities with more self-awareness, presence and calm.

Length & Style: 7 minutes. Focused on a process of lengthening and deepening of the breath.  High quality mp3.

Recommended Use: Listen with headset/earphones. Utilise this audio on a daily basis e.g. as a morning ritual to set yourself up for the day ahead, as a midday break during work to center yourself and reconnect within, and/or a night ritual to cleanse yourself of the day gone by.

Daily Positive Visualisation

for Goal Achievement

Benefits:  Hone the power of your consciousness and energy directly on what you want  – keep important goals forefront of your mind and allow the joy of achieving them to be a real feeling in your body right now. Set yourself up for success in mind and body, supporting flow-on action that creates intentional outcomes.

Length & Style: 6 minutes. Guided visualisation process that is short and easy to do on a regular basis e.g. each morning before you set about your activities. High quality mp3.

Recommended Use: Listen with headset/earphones. Preferably use daily when working on a goal, to ensure your attention remains focused in a direction that serves you.

Uplifting Self Care Daily Meditation

for Empowerment & Self Love

Benefits:  Feel love for yourself. Feel your inner power stir and rise. Embrace who you are. Move into a state of full self love and empowerment. Enjoy the flow on impact that inner state has on your choices, behavior, actions and results.

Length & Style: 8 minutes. Gentle inspiring background music. High quality mp3.

Recommended Use: Listen with headset/earphones. Use daily to boost yourself into stable self-love and empowerment, and then as an updated dose whenever needed.

Guided Sleep Meditation

for Peaceful, Restful & Rejuvenating Sleep

Benefits:  Be guided into peaceful, restful and rejuvenating sleep. There is nothing you need to do, there is no need to try – sleep comes to visit you with this guided process.

Length & Style: 24 minutes. Gentle, calming process to lull you into deep release and sleep with words and tone. No active visualising is required. High quality mp3.

Recommended Use: Listen with headset/earphones in bed to guide you into sleep. Utilise this audio on a regular basis to train your mind and body in the process of sinking into restful sleep.

Morning Meditation

for Higher Perspective, Inner Peace & Personal Power

Morning meditation

Benefits: Detach from the details. See the bigger picture. Put stressful factors in context. Create calm within before entering your busy day ahead. Feel your power inside to confidently greet the day.

Length & Style: 13 minutes. Empowering guided visualisation process with elevating background music. High quality mp3.

Recommended Use: Stressful circumstances – daily. Normal circumstances – 1-2 times per week.

Calming Meditation in Uncertain Times

for Inner Peace, Faith, Trust and Allowing

meditation for uncertanity

Benefits: Feel peaceful, calm and trusting in the face of uncertainty in your life. Understand the value of uncertainty and what is available to you positively during times of change. Reconnect with how supported you are, and the greater flow and unfolding of your life journey.

Length & Style: 23 minutes. Guided visualisation process for new perspective, with grounding and relaxing background music. High quality mp3.

Recommended Use: When feeling particularly challenged – daily. Throughout transition – 1-2 times per week.

White Light Meditation

for Stress Relief, Inner Peace & Healing

Benefits: Release tension and stress physically, mentally and emotionally. Allow the body to go into full relaxation from head to toe. Immerse your physical body and energy field in high vibration healing energy.

Length & Style: 19 minutes. Deeply relaxing guided process covering all aspects of the body, speaking to cells of the body. Creates release of tension and drifting peacefully into equilibrium. High quality mp3.

Recommended Use: 1-2 times per week or more often as desired/needed.

Speak to Your Soul Meditation

to Connect to Your Higher Self, Strengthen Intuition & Get Clarity

Speak to your soul guided Meditation

Benefits: Creates a conscious connection with your soul. Speak to it, ask questions, hear answers. Listen to the empowering truth of who you are. Keep the spiritual part of your nature at the forefront of your life.

Length & Style: 22 minutes. Powerful guided visualisation process with background music to send you into state of spiritual alignment. High quality mp3.

Recommended Use: 1-2 times per month or more frequently as desired/needed.

Energy Clearing Meditation

for Releasing Negative Energy & Elevating Your Vibration

Benefits: Clears negative energy from your physical body and energy field, elevating your vibration and providing the energetic foundation for you to be your best self. Allows you to release both negative energy that is self-created and that which is picked up from other people/places.

Length & Style: 7.5 minutes. Simple and effective guided process with background music to hone your focus, using your consciousness to shift negative energy (yours and others) away from your physical body and energy field. High quality mp3.

Recommended Use: Daily, or minimum once per week.

Release People From Your Life Meditation

Cut Energy Ties That Do Not Serve You & Set Yourself Free

Benefits: Release energy connections between yourself and other people. Hold accurate and positive perspective on the wider benefits to you both of closing off the relationship. Create space and sense of freedom to move on.

Length & Style: 7 minutes. Visualisation process with background music to hone your focus, using your consciousness and mantras to cut energy ties between yourself and another person. High quality mp3.

Recommended Use: Daily for 10 days minimum (longer if it feels necessary), focusing solely on one individual person at a time.

What People are Saying

This is AMAZING! Real education and healing. I love this guided meditation!

When I had finished listening to your guided meditation my face was streaming with tears and I felt so light as if a burden had been lifted. Thank you.

I love this. I’m going through a hard break up and having trouble sleeping. I listened to this last night slept really well and woke up early and happy.

Thank You B for the wonderful morning experience! Im ready to take on the world now.

I felt my soul sink back into my body. I have never felt that before. All of my questions have been answered.

This meditation is wonderful! I use it twice a day, first thing when I wake up and just before I go to bed. I never meditated before until I found this one, now I cannot go a day without it.

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