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  • “Unleash Your Life” 6 part video series - The essentials for creating change
  • The popular “400 Powerfully Positive Affirmations” mp3 audio
  • Navigate confidently - “300 Power Affirmations for Career Success” mp3 audio
  • Surrender your problems - "Box Up Your Troubles Visualization" mp3 audio
  • Release stress & rebalance - “White Light Guided Meditation” mp3 audio
  • Reconnect to your soul - “Speak to Your Soul Guided Meditation” mp3 audio
  • Have a powerful conversation with the Universe - "Morning Ritual" mp3 audio
  • Discover how the Universe is sending you signs with 4 chapters of “Pinch Me”
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Testimonials About Pinch Me Living Personal Development Tools

"When I had finished listening to your guided meditation my face was streaming with tears and I felt so light as if a burden had been lifted. Thank you." (Speak to Your Soul Guided Meditation)
"Thank you! I have been listening to the positive affirmations for the past few weeks, my spirit is happier. Thank you so much for the positive energy!" (400+ Powerfully Positive Affirmations)
"I just want to tell you how your book has inspired me, touched me, opened my eyes… I’ve read similar books but was left with a feeling of “okay, I know all this now, but what do I do with it, and how do I get to where I am supposed to go?” Putting down your book last night left me with a feeling of great awareness, enthusiasm and excitement of what signals I may encounter." (Pinch Me, the book)
“I am so happy how much I have changed, and learned from all the resources provided by you. My stress and depression from the past has decreased so much because I see things so differently now. I see possibilities for myself, and what I may be able to achieve again.”
“Thank you for your insights into life changing practices and principles for enlightenment and how to bring about positive changes in my life and environment. I’ve been searching for such help and guidance for many years. With appreciation.”
“B helped me to find new perspectives from which to see my life. Positive, lovely and bright perspectives! Thank you, with love.”
“I listen to it several times a day. It starts my day. It ends my day. It sustains me during my day. It’s a glorious mix of beautiful thoughts and affirmations.”
"I look forward to hearing my daily affirmations. They have helped me cultivate some seriously good juju in my life. Endless thanks!!"