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Disclaimer of Warranties

Information contained on the Pinch Me Living website is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind. Pinch Me Living (ABBH Ltd trading as Pinch Me Living), any of its advertisers and/or licensors disclaim all warranties with regard to the site, the information contained on the site, including all express, statutory, and implied warranties or merchantability, fitness for purpose, title and non infringement. Pinch Me Living does not warrant that the contents of the site are accurate, reliable or correct. You use this site at your own free will, accepting any risk that may be incurred by using this site and the information contained herein, and rely on no representations or statements other than this Agreement. These exclusions apply to the maximum extent permitted by law under your jurisdiction.

Terms of Use

The following constitutes the “Terms of Use” (also referred to as “Terms” and “Agreement”). The Terms of Use shall apply to all users of the Pinch Me Living site (www.pinchmeliving.com) and all clients of Pinch Me Living (ABBH Ltd trading as Pinch Me Living).

“Clients” will be deemed to be any person/s utilising or purchasing any product or service from Pinch Me Living, and/or utilising information provided by Pinch Me Living.

Such “information” referred to may include information provided on www.pinchmeliving.com or information contained within any written materials (e.g. blogs, articles, books), social media posts and comments, programs, classes, courses, workshops, sessions, methods, processes, affirmations, meditations, visualizations, techniques, services or products provided by Pinch Me Living.

“Coaching” will be deemed to be any ideas, tips, suggestions, recommendations, information or material provided to clients verbally or in writing, through online or in-person programs, classes, courses, workshops, sessions, retreats, books, audios or videos.

“Energy work” will be deemed to be any energy based practises, including but not limited to, energy clearings, Tapping or spiritual modalities.

All information and coaching provided by Pinch Me Living, and Bernadette Logue (as the representative of Pinch Me Living) is educational in nature and is offered only as general information, and in no way is intended, nor should it be considered to be, psychological or medical advice for any aspect of your wellbeing.

Coaching and energy work provided is advisory only and clients must take full responsibility for their participation in the coaching and energy work sessions provided. Clients must take full responsibility for their responses and actions during and following any coaching and energy work sessions.

Clients must disclose any health or wellbeing concerns that may impact upon their ability to participate in coaching and energy work sessions, or which may in any way be impacted upon by their participation in coaching and energy work sessions.

Clients must undertake to look after their health and wellbeing throughout and after coaching and energy work provided and to advise Pinch Me Living immediately if their situation should change in relation to either.

Clients must disclose any other coaching, energy work, healing, therapy, treatment or counselling they are receiving, and accept responsibility for advising their other coaches, healers, therapists, treatment providers, healthcare professionals and/or counsellors that they are participating in coaching and/or energy work with Pinch Me Living.

Clients accept that Pinch Me Living provides peak performance coaching, life coaching, spiritual coaching, and energy work applicable for personal and professional application, and that Bernadette Logue, as the individual representing Pinch Me Living, is not a psychotherapist, psychologist, therapist, counsellor or registered health or well-being practitioner. Clients acknowledge that the products and services of Pinch Me Living are in no way designed as a substitute for the care, support or instruction of registered, qualified health and wellbeing practitioners.

Clients will be required to respond to pre-session questions via email prior to commencing coaching and energy work sessions. Such responses are held in the strictest of confidence.

Clients agree to provide full and accurate information in the abovementioned pre-session questions, and agree to provide full and accurate information in response to any further questions asked of them during coaching and energy work sessions.

Clients acknowledge that any use of the technique known as “Tapping”, during private session/s and/or group programs with Bernadette, is provided to them on the basis that they have read and accepted this disclaimer, as part of their registration process. They will be asked to review and accept this disclaimer prior to each registration for private sessions and/or group programs.

Clients acknowledge that by participating in private session/s and/or group programs they may be introduced to information about, and ways to use, Tapping to support their personal growth, where it is deemed potentially helpful. “Tapping” is a technique that works with the energy in the body, and is a part of a growing field known as energy psychology. Tapping, based upon ancient Chinese wisdom for wellness, is founded on the idea that the balance of the body’s subtle energies are important for spiritual, physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, and those energies can be balanced by stimulating meridian end points on the body. By following a simple process of gentle tapping on those meridian end points, while focusing on issues that have associated emotional distress, it is possible to reduce the intensity of those emotions and change our perspective of issues. Tapping is a tool that can be used independently by clients for their own self-help, or in coaching sessions for their personal growth, or for more serious physical, mental and emotional issues it is recommended clients seek support from a registered healthcare professional who may guide them through the technique under their instruction.

By participating in coaching, energy work and/or group programs with Bernadette, clients acknowledge she is not a registered healthcare professional and that the use of Tapping with Bernadette is solely for the purpose of supporting them to learn and use this tool for themselves in regards to general self-help, or to support their personal growth journey during coaching sessions or group programs.

While there is a growing body of research findings available online regarding the benefits of Tapping, it is generally considered an alternative wellbeing modality, seen as a complementary tool which can be considered for use alongside the accepted practises provided by registered health and wellbeing practitioners. It is not in any way, and should not be considered as, a substitute for professional healthcare for physical, mental or emotional wellbeing.

Clients acknowledge that while engaging in private session/s and/or group programs, they have the right to choose whether or not to participate in Tapping, and if they choose to participate they do so of their own free will, and assume and accept all responsibility for any risks associated. While participating in Tapping, clients acknowledge that part of the technique involves focusing on issues of emotional distress, and this may include recalling past events, memories or experiences. Clients acknowledge that at any time they are not comfortable doing so, they will take responsibility for ceasing use of the technique immediately. While many people report positive experiences with Tapping, clients are hereby informed that it is also a possibility to experience mental and emotional distress, or physical discomfort during or after the process. If clients experience discomfort or negative side effects, they are asked to stop use of the technique and it is recommended that they consult a registered health and wellbeing professional where appropriate.

Tapping is not being suggested in any private session/s and/or group programs as a cure, treatment or prevention tool for any mental/emotional disorder or physical health issue. It is strongly advised that clients seek appropriate care from registered health and wellbeing professionals, and treat Tapping as an alternative personal growth tool that may act as a complement.

Clients acknowledge that coaching and energy work sessions with Bernadette may be recorded into audio format (upon the client’s request) for the sole purpose of providing that client with an audio recording of their session/s afterwards – as a valuable resource for reflection to listen back to. Clients acknowledge that they have the option to choose whether their sessions are recorded, and if they do not wish to have their session/s recorded in this way at any time, they will inform Bernadette.

Clients acknowledge that any live video or audio broadcasts provided as part of group classes, programs, courses or workshops may be recorded, for the purposes of providing that recording to participants for their reflection, or for the purpose of sharing that recording on the Pinch Me Living website and/or social media channels for general public use.  Such video and audio recordings will be of Bernadette, and will not capture on video or audio any participants, but may include reference to participants questions and comments.

Coaching is only provided for clients aged 18 years or over.

There is no guarantee of any specific outcome with coaching, energy work sessions and/or group programs. The content of this website, including previous client testimonials, and the content of any coaching, energy work and/or group programs is not in any way implying or creating an indication or expectation of a specific outcome, a promise of a guaranteed outcome, or a suggestion or direction that you create change, or take action, in any particular area of your life.

Before using/applying information contained herein, or following any guidance/support received during coaching, energy work and/or group programs clients agree that they have the right and free will to choose to seek external, independent advice from other professionals before proceeding.

Many people find the products and services provided by Pinch Me Living to be beneficial and gratifying, including coaching, courses and programs. However, it is not prudent for everyone. Your safety and our responsibility is taken seriously. If you have questions or concerns about whether or not the coaching, courses or programs are appropriate for you, please contact a mental health professional. You are responsible for your choice to participate in any coaching, courses or programs, and you are responsible for your own well-being and mental health during and after your participation. Your experience of the any coaching, courses or programs will be unique to you as an individual, and you may have the experience of unexpected and undesirable emotions as you participate. This is totally normal. For most participating in the coaching, courses or programs, examining thoughts and beliefs they’ve never examined before is a beneficial and constructive learning experience. If you are in any way concerned about your capability in handling any unexpected or undesirable emotions that might surface while participating in the coaching, courses or programs, we strongly advise you to not participate. If you have a history of mental illness, whether treated or untreated, we strongly advise you to not participate. If you are unsure whether or not the coaching, courses or programs are appropriate for you, or are unsure of your ability (physically, emotionally or mentally) to participate in the program, we recommend you consult with a mental health professional before starting. The coaching, courses and programs are intended for individuals who fully and undoubtedly comprehend that they are responsible for their own health and well-being before, during and after participating. The Pinch Me Living coaching, courses and programs are NOT to be utilized as an alternative for medical treatment, psychotherapy or any healthcare program. If you experience any signs or evidence of mental distress during your participation or after your participation in any coaching, courses or programs, we strongly advise that you immediately contact your physician or mental health care professional. DO NOT begin to utilize the services and products if your physician or other health care provider advises you not to. You should not rely on the information provided by Pinch Me Living as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Nor does the information within this program replace professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have any concerns or questions about your physical or mental health, you should always consult with a physician or other health care professional. Do not disregard, avoid or delay acquiring medical advice from your healthcare provider because of something you may have read or heard while using the Pinch Me Living products or services. Any information provided is used solely at your own risk. The content and material presented in this program is for educational and informational purposes only. The content should not be used for diagnosis or treatment of any condition or disease.

Client actions and the results of their actions in regard to anything they receive from Pinch Me Living are entirely their own responsibility. Pinch Me Living cannot and will not assume liability for any results that may follow the use of any information received from Pinch Me Living or by the use of Pinch Me Living’s services or products including, but not limited to coaching, energy work, group programs, classes, courses, workshops, information and written material provided by Pinch Me Living or any other service/product available through Pinch Me Living. Any such liability is hereby expressly disclaimed. In registering for coaching, energy work and/or group programs, and by participating in such, clients agree not to hold Bernadette Logue or Pinch Me Living (ABBH Limited) in any way responsible or liable for any experience associated with the coaching, energy work, group programs or any associated products, services or information (including before, during or after the provision), nor for any of their experiences, choices, actions or results.

All results and potential results discussed or noted are hypothetical unless otherwise stated. No representation is being made that any action you take will or is likely to achieve particular results. In fact, there are frequently significant differences for individuals participating in coaching, energy work and group programs based largely upon the individual.

All testimonials on this website are unsolicited and are potentially non-representative of all clients. The names of clients associated with testimonials have been withheld for privacy purposes only.

You must agree with the Terms of Use (stated here) in order to use any of the products and services provided by Pinch Me Living. In using the products and services you confirm that you are over 18 years old. You signify that you acknowledge and agree to the Terms of Use outlined here. Do not use the services or products if you do not agree with the Terms of Use.

Restrictions on Use

You are not permitted to record, save, download, copy, sell, license, rent, modify, transmit, publicly display, print, publicly perform, publish, adapt, edit, or create derivative works from the materials and content of this site without express written permission of Pinch Me Living (ABBH Ltd).

You are not permitted to record, save, download, copy, sell, license, rent, modify, transmit, publicly display, print, publicly perform, publish, adapt, edit, or create derivative works from the materials and content of any private or group coaching, energy work, classes, programs, courses, workshops, live events, retreats or public presentations, or similar, without express written permission of Pinch Me Living (ABBH Ltd).


You hereby acknowledge that you obtain no rights in the trademarks or content of the brand of Pinch Me Living and third party materials, services and products. The site content is protected by copyright and/or other intellectual property rights.

Third Party Sites

The site includes links to other online materials, merchants or third party sites. You should read the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies before using such sites. These sites are not controlled by Pinch Me Living, are not reviewed in any way by Pinch Me Living, and Pinch Me Living is not responsible for the contents contained on such sites. You acknowledge that Pinch Me Living is not responsible for any aspect of these sites and that Pinch Me Living’s use of a link to such sites does not constitute an endorsement. Pinch Me Living holds no responsibility for such sites and how you might use them.


Emails to subscribers and/or customers, social media posts, blogs, articles, videos, audios, courses, programs, and other products and services, provided by Pinch Me Living may from time to time also include links to suggested third party learning products and services provided on third party sites.

These links may from time to time be promotional links where Pinch Me Living has a business partnership with 3rd parties who provide such learning products and services, where Pinch Me Living is paid an affiliate commission for such a referral or sale made from these promotional links.

Pinch Me Living chooses a high standard for the types of learning products and services of 3rd parties that it chooses to promote. However, Pinch Me Living cannot and does not accept any responsibility for the content or delivery of those 3rd party sites, their products and services, their customer service for such products and services, or how you might use those products and services, and the experience you have.

Limitation of Liability

Pinch Me Living, its advertisers and/or licensors are not under any circumstances liable for direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special or consequential damages resulting from, or arising out of use or inability to use this site, the information contained herein, or any services received through the site or services provided by Pinch Me Living. The limitation of liability applies regardless of whether any alleged liability is based on contract, tort, negligence, strict liability, or any other basis. These exclusions and limitations apply to the maximum extent permitted by law under your jurisdiction.


By using this site and any of the services or products provided by Pinch Me Living you agree to hold harmless, indemnify, and defend Pinch Me Living, its licensors and advertisers from all liabilities, claims, expenses, including attorney’s fees, that arise from your use of the service. Pinch Me Living reserves the right to assume defense and control of any matter otherwise subject to indemnification by you. Under these circumstances you agree to cooperate with Pinch Me Living in asserting all available defenses.

Legal Compliance

Your use and this Agreement may be suspended or terminated if Pinch Me Living receives notice that you have used the site for purposes that violate local, state, federal or laws of other nations, including the posting of information that might violate third party rights, defame a third party or other criminal regulations. Pinch Me Living may disclose your identity if requested by a government or law enforcement body or as a result of a subpoena or other legal action, under such circumstances, though Pinch Me Living shall not be liable for damages or results and you agree to not bring any action or claim against Pinch Me Living for this disclosure, should the need arise.


All payment for services and products is payable at time of purchase. A tax invoice will be supplied by Pinch Me Living upon request. Payment for coaching and energy work sessions of any nature is due prior to the commencement of the sessions. Sessions will not commence until a completed Declaration Form has been received and payment has been made.

Cancellation, Reschedule & Session Utilization Policy

A minimum of 24 hours notice is required to reschedule or cancel any session.

Any coaching or energy clearing sessions which are rescheduled, cancelled or “no show” with less than 24 hours notice are forfeited (charged/paid for irrespective of attendance). This is due to the late notice meaning we are unable to rebook/reallocate that dedicated session slot to another client. We appreciate your understanding.

Any sessions which are prepaid, must be utilized within 12 months from the date of payment.

Dispute Resolution

Should a dispute arise between you and Pinch Me Living, we agree to first attempt a resolution with the help of a mutually agreed-upon mediator in the state of owner’s country. Costs and fees other than attorney fees for the mediation will be shared equally. If the dispute cannot be resolved using a mediator, we agree to submit the dispute to binding arbitration in the state of owner’s country. Judgment upon the award rendered by the arbitration may be entered in any court with jurisdiction to do so.


The Agreement applies to every user that accesses www.pinchmeliving.com. Pinch Me Living reserves the right to revise the terms. Revised terms are effective from the date of publication on the site. When you use www.pinchmeliving.com the terms as they appear at that instance are the terms which apply. The Terms are governed by, construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the owner’s country, as applied to agreements entered into and performed within that jurisdiction. If one or more provisions outlined in the Agreement are void or unenforceable partly or in whole, the remaining provisions of the Agreement shall not be affected.