The Reason it’s Pointless to Try, Seek, Search or Hope to be Spiritual

    Here’s why trying, seeking, searching, or hoping to be spiritual (or divinely connected) will always leave you feeling lost. And, discover how you can instead, right now, stop the search and start to honour yourself, your life and your divinity.

    With love, Bernadette

    Master Your Mind

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    1. Elise

      That was very helpful Bernadette. I have spent a long time thinking I wasn’t a “spiritual” person, and now, through conversations with people like yourself I am coming to recognize what you are saying. We are doing the world a disservice when we don’t embrace and love ourselves, because loving ourselves is loving spirit, the universe and the divine. Happy New Year.

      1. Hey Elise. Thank you for sharing your feedback and insights. It’s awesome to connect with you. You got it…. loving yourself IS loving spirit, the universe, the divine and honouring your life in the simplest and most effective way possible. Happy NY to you too and may 2014 be your best year yet! Bx

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