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    Spirit Science Video Series

    Having watched and loved The Spirit Science video series I thought I would bring together all the videos into one page so they are easily accessible for anyone interested in working their way through them.

    In Review

    If you have ever been inquisitive about spirituality and the ‘unexplained’, yet have a scientific mindset, or vice versa, this series does an excellent job at connecting science and spirituality. The main character ‘Patchman’  leads you on a journey over 22 short videos (average length 10 mins), covering a vast range of topics that relate to science and spirituality including chakras, thoughts, energy, human history and evolution, channelling, meditation, crystals, universal geometry, the flower of life, astral travel, the four elements, different dimensions, water, enlightenment and many other related topics.

    I found the information within these videos to be extremely eye opening and powerful, and I highly recommend watching the series. NOTE:  As with anything in life, please move forward with an open mind in order to get the best out of this experience. There are many gold nuggets in here – there’s the enlightening and paradigm shifting, there’s the weird, wacky and out there, and there’s the mind boggling, deep, thought provoking and life changing (a bit of everything!).  While there were some ambiguous areas and aspects that I didn’t completely agree with, it does not diminish the usefulness that this video series provides in developing a different point of view of our world and our reality. The series did a fantastic job of opening my mind further to get me thinking about how the world really functions, and the creators are incredibly clever with how clearly and precisely they have presented a vast amount of valuable information!

    The guys at have put a huge amount of love and energy into the making of these videos and have done a great job at shedding light on a complex and often misunderstood area. 

    Have fun!  I would love to hear your thoughts as you move through the series so please feel free to use the comments section on the bottom of this page to tell me your findings – good, bad or great. I had a lot of fun discussing and debating these ideas with Aaron and other friends/family!

    Spirit Science 1 ~ Thoughts


    Spirit Science 2 ~ Chakras


    Spirit Science 3 ~ Channeling


    Spirit Science 4 ~ Male and Female Energy


    Spirit Science 5 ~ The Keys of our Past


    Spirit Science 6 ~ The Flower of Life


    Spirit Science 7 ~ Dimensions


    Spirit Science 8 ~ Meditation


    Spirit Science 9 ~ Astral Projection


    Spirit Science 10 ~ Math of God


    Spirit Science 11_1 – Evolution


    Spirit Science 11_11 ~ Dna Activation


    Spirit Science 12 ~ The Human History Movie


    Spirit Science 13 ~ The Crystal Movie


    Spirit Science 14 ~ Insights of Ascension


    Spirit Science 15 ~ Power of the Heart


    Spirit Science 16 ~ The Shift of Ages


    Spirit Science 17 ~ Universal Geometry


    Spirit Science 18 ~ The Four Elements


    Spirit Science 19 ~ Cosmic Connections


    Spirit Science 20 ~ Water


    Spirit Science 21 ~ Toroidal Flow


    Spirit Science 22 ~ EnLIGHTenment

    I'd love to hear your personal experience and insights in relation to this topic. To share your valuable input, please scroll to the comments section below. I'll reply back to you as soon as possible.

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