Don’t Get Sucked into Climbing the Ladder – Be a Smartphone Instead!

    The analogy of climbing the ladder in your career is one that all too often leaves people feeling anxious, exhausted and disheartened. Yes, it can provide motivation, and give you a sense of anticipation/excitement about applying your passions and skills to reach an apex professionally. However, there are many pitfalls to approaching your career like a ladder with some high-point destination that you’re trying hard to reach. Quite often you don’t recognise these pitfalls until you’ve spent years climbing hard and then see them first-hand for yourself.

    So, listen to what others have to say who have been there and done that… and reflect on the wisdom from what they discovered. In this TEDx talk, Jenny Blake shares insights and reflections to help you look at your career from a whole new perspective. Ditch the ladder and bring a ‘smartphone’ perspective instead. This is an insightful, fun and new way of looking at your career path in our evolving and dynamic world. Very cool!

    If we channel our energy in our careers in the right way, we can derive awesome payback… passion, fulfilment, contribution, success and balance.

    Give yourself a new career perspective and share this video with anyone you know who might benefit. 

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