Confessions of a Spiritual Nomad – Part Two: Breakdowns to Breakthroughs

Welcome to Part Two of our audio coaching series, Confessions of a Spiritual Nomad.

If you haven’t seen Part One of the series you can access it here: Confessions of a Spiritual Nomad Part One

Diamonds are forged under intense pressure. Caterpillars become butterflies after they breakdown, dissolve and reshape into their highest form. You evolve into your highest capability, becoming the person you are destined to be, through what you learn, experience and let go of during tough times. 

In Part Two: Breakdowns to Breakthroughs, Bernadette Logue and Patricia Varley guide you to see the gifts within the challenges you are experiencing in your life. Every breakdown leads to a breakthrough of some form – psychologically, emotionally, physically or spiritually. Wherever breakdowns occur, transformation is poised at the ready. As you let go of what no longer serves you, seeing ‘loss’ as a clearing for growth, you can powerfully identify how immense challenges are actually supporting your evolution. Learn how to work with (not against) the most trying times in your life. 

This audio coaching series is presented to you by two authentic, trail blazing spiritual nomads, who bring you empowering insights into how they have dealt with great challenges as they walk on the edge to create and live the life they know they are destined for. Let them support you to do the same.

About Your Coaches

Bernadette Logue, based in Bali, is the founder of Pinch Me Living, an Amazon Kindle best selling Author, and a dynamic transformation coach creating personal and professional results for clients worldwide. Her own challenging ‘breakdown to breakthrough’ moments and inspirations are chronicled in her books Pinch Me and Going Out on a Limb.

Patricia Varley, currently based in Maui, Hawaii, is an inspiring international speaker, retreat leader and certified Edgewalker coach.

Part Three

The topic for Part Three in this audio coaching series is: “The Value of Integrating Feminine Spirit & Masculine Power”. Click here to listen.

Other Food for Thought

If you enjoyed this audio coaching session with B & Patricia, you might also enjoy listening to Eckhart Tolle’s insights and messages below:

When loss appears in your life, don’t resist it” – Eckhart Tolle


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