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  • 7 keys to living in universal flow – enjoying life with signs, synchronicities and slipstream
  • Discover 2 self-sabotaging tendencies which masquerade as “being a good person” or “doing the right thing”, but actually block your flow, plus the big misperception people have about living in the flow
  • Bonus – Download a free Action Guide after class to apply the 7 keys in your life
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Free Video Series

Inner peace is the most important state of being that you can create inside of yourself. It provides you with the power to experience life on YOUR terms, and not be at the whim of other people, events or circumstances affecting how you feel. Imagine that… feeling how YOU want to feel, irrespective of circumstances.

You can be peaceful in the face of anything life throws at you AND you can be powerful in creating whatever inspiring life want to experience. It is possible for you right now and I will show you how. To get started, click below to watch this FREE 4-part video series – “How to Live with Inner Peace”

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Transformation Coaching

A Unique Merger of Life Coaching, Spiritual Coaching & Peak Performance Coaching

  • Global – reaching you no matter where you are located
  • Private sessions scheduled to suit your schedule and timezone – REVIEW SESSION AVAILABILITY & BOOK ONLINE INSTANTLY
  • Exclusive Pinch Me Living 3-step Unleash Your Life transformation coaching method
  • Connect via whatever technology you prefer – flexibility for sessions to be conducted via Skype, Facetime, Google Hangouts, video and/or voice.
  • From $75 USD – introductory session for new clients
  • 30 day 100% money back guarantee

Coaching Packages

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Pinpoint (Intro)

$75 USD

1st Time Clients

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One Dose

$150 USD

1 Session

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Spring Board

$280 USD

2 Sessions

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Power Up

$540 USD

4 Sessions

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Happiness Boosters Online Workshop

33 Instant & Practical Ways to Boost Your Happiness

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  • 2.5 hour online engaging video workshop presentation
  • Bonus audio download of the entire workshop
  • Bonus exercise sheet, workshop slides and easy reference boosters list
  • Over 40 related resources directly related to boosting your happiness, compiled for easy reference
  • On-demand, watch from the comfort of your home or office at your convenience
  • Instant and lifetime access
  • $20 USD – 30 day 100% money back guarantee
  • Experience more consistent and sustainable happiness today, radiate from the inside out

Workshop Testimonial

Bernadette has combined her profound insight into the human experience with her ageless spiritual wisdom (along with a good dose of humor) and has given us a practical guide to finding and maintaining peace and happiness in our daily lives. This is not some pie-in-the-sky spiritual dogma, but instead, is a practical how-to manual to guide us in our perpetual endeavor to find balance and harmony in our lives. I highly recommend this workshop to everyone. Incorporating her wisdom and philosophies into my life has given me the solid spiritual foundation on which I daily build my life.

Energy Clearing

Negative Energy & Attachments Released, Vibration Balanced & Elevated

  • Clearing your physical body and energy field of negativity accumulated from other people, environments and situations, plus that created from your own limiting beliefs, thought patterns and challenging emotions, past and present
  • Cutting energy attachments with people you no longer wish to have in your life
  • Chakra balancing
  • Removing negative energy from your home and/or workplace
  • “Distance healing” – Private energy clearing sessions 1:1 online or “offline”, and Monthly Group Energy Clearings
  • From $10 USD and 30 day 100% money back guarantee
  • Enjoy energetic equilibrium to feel grounded, calm and positive so you can be your best self in holistic balance.

Energy Packages

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Group Energy Reset

$10 USD p/m

Regular clearing and elevation

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1:1 Energy Pamper

$85 USD

Private energy work for you

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1:1 Baby Balance

$85 USD

For your baby or toddler

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Books – Kindle & Paperback

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Affirmation & Meditation Audios

Release, Relax & Rewire Yourself for Inner Peace, Happiness & Success

  • Practical and effective audio tools to transform your beliefs, wire new patterns of thinking, shift your feelings and empower new actions – experience true “inside out” transformation
  • 24 different positive affirmation and meditation audios available to suit your needs
  • Instant download in mp3 file format for easy use whenever and wherever you wish
  • Audio sets from $15 USD
  • 30 day 100% money back guarantee
  • Enjoy positivity, soul-alignment, higher perspectives, relaxation, healing, ease, grace, flow and holistic mind-body-spirit balance

The Complete Happiness Meditation Set

$15 USD

6 Guided Meditation Audios

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The Complete Happiness Affirmations Set

$33 USD

18 Uplifting Affirmations Audios

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$42 USD

Receive ALL 24 Audios

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Unleash Your Life Retreats

  • Ready to change your life but don’t know where to start?
  • At a crossroads seeking clarity for the next phase of your life?
  • Is fear gripping you and stopping you from taking action?
  • Do you feel stuck in a rut?
  • Know you’re alive for something more but not sure what?
  • Unsure how to create the life you dream of?
  • Tired of living a life devoid of deeper meaning?
  • Ready to find and embrace your calling?
  • Something inside of you holding you back from your goals?
  • Want to simplify life, reorient and relaunch yourself?
  • Need a practical action plan for HOW to move forward?

Next Retreat - Southern Spain

Be treated like the diamond you really are. Full retreat details below

Dates & Pricing

15-21 May 2015, Earlybird Rates

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