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    Master Your Mind Program Online

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    Wire your mind for greater results in all areas of your life. This online program with training and live classes, June-July 2016, includes:

    • Pre-program Intention Setting resources
    • 6 key steps to master your mind, delivered over 6 weeks
    • Weekly training video, audio & worksheet
    • Weekly Mind Mastery Audio
    • Weekly live group coaching / Q&A classes online

    Client Testimonial

    Being a Pinch Me Living participant in several of B’s on-line live classes now, I would highly recommend registering for the Master Your Mind program. Based on my past experience with B’s material and what I have learned to date, I signed up immediately when I learned this new resource was being offered. B cuts to the chase and gets to the crux of the matter very efficiently. There is no waste of time reviewing irrelevant material, B is on point and effective. The time I have spent on her material to date has assisted me in letting go of the foggy paradigm of my past and then replace those past ineffective behaviors with healthy and productive thoughts that are currently propelling me into a complete transformation! I highly recommend registering now for the Master Your Mind on-line program – It will be the best investment you can make for yourself! Pinch Me Living and Bernadette Logue are the best kept secret on the internet!

    I am so motivated for the next stage in my life, taking the actions to cement my new paradigm. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done. I can clearly see that I am becoming a new improved version of my old self and am so excited for what lays ahead in my life. I have absolutely loved working with you in the Master Your Mind program. You are so supportive and caring in your approach and never make me feel silly or bad for any questions I ask. Your classes are informative and you are such an easy person to listen to (that is credit to you, as some people aren’t!) I love all your analogies that you use, they are real and specific to what you say and really cement new ideas that we learn. Once again thank you so much.

    Transformation Coaching

    A Unique Merger of Peak Performance Coaching, Life Coaching & Age-Old Wisdom


    • Global – reaching you no matter where you are located
    • Private sessions scheduled to suit your schedule and timezone – REVIEW SESSION AVAILABILITY & BOOK ONLINE INSTANTLY
    • Exclusive Pinch Me Living 3-step Unleash Your Life transformation coaching method
    • Connect via whatever technology you prefer – flexibility for sessions to be conducted via Skype, Facetime, Google Hangouts, video and/or voice.
    • Special 1-hour introductory session rate and mind mastery/wellbeing gift for new clients
    • 30 day 100% money back guarantee


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    Free Video Series

    Inner peace is the most important state of being that you can create inside of yourself. It provides you with the power to experience life on YOUR terms, and not be at the whim of other people, events or circumstances affecting how you feel. Imagine that… feeling how YOU want to feel, irrespective of circumstances.

    You can be peaceful in the face of anything life throws at you AND you can be powerful in creating whatever inspiring life want to experience. It is possible for you right now and I will show you how. To get started, click below to watch this FREE 4-part video series – “How to Live with Inner Peace”

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    Affirmation & Meditation Audios

    Release, Relax & Rewire Yourself for Inner Peace, Happiness & Success

    • Practical and effective audio tools to transform your beliefs, wire new patterns of thinking, shift your feelings and empower new actions – experience true “inside out” transformation
    • 34 positive affirmation and meditation audios available to suit your needs
    • Instant download in mp3 file format for easy use whenever and wherever you wish
    • 30 day 100% money back guarantee
    • Enjoy the benefits of a powerful mindset for inner peace, clarity, positivity, self-belief, confidence and success.

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    10 Guided Meditation Audios

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    24 Uplifting Affirmations Audios

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