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Energy Clearing

Negative Energy & Attachments Released, Vibration Balanced & Elevated

Release what doesn’t serve you, balance yourself energetically, feel more grounded, calm, and positive, elevating your vibration. Bernadette (“B”) offers energy clearings to support your mind, body and soul. Trained in energy work and spiritual healing modalities, and using her own guided intuitive energy work processes, she supports you by releasing your self-created negative energy and the negative energy accumulated from other people, places and experiences. Join B’s monthly group energy clearings no matter where you are in the world, or book in for a private 1:1 online energy pampering session with her.

Energy Packages

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Group Energy Reset

$10 USD p/m

Regular clearing and elevation

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1:1 Energy Pamper

$75 USD

Private energy work for you

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1:1 Baby Balance

$75 USD

For your baby or toddler

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Books – Kindle & Paperback

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Transformation Coaching

A Unique Merger of Life Coaching, Spiritual Coaching & Peak Performance Coaching

Clear the cobwebs and feel yourself lift off! B offers the perfect mix of expertise, high energy and encouragement to take you to the next level no matter what you are seeking to achieve. Based upon her exclusive 3-step Unleash Your Life coaching method, B will realign the paradigm through which you see yourself and life, marrying that with a customised practical action plan to take you where you need to go, wrapped with real-time support to help you apply it. Whether you join B for an hour or month, you will benefit from her unique blend of coaching expertise across personal growth and life balance, spirituality (including conscious living and soul alignment), and professional peak performance.

Coaching Packages

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One Dose

Spring Board

Power Up

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Free Resources

Receive this set of free downloadable resources from B, to help you to unleash your life:

  • 6-part video presentation for creating a Pinch Me life 
  • 400+ Positive Affirmations audio download, for inner peace and freedom
  • 300+ Power Affirmations audio download, for career & professional success
  • Guided white light meditation audio download for stress release, relaxation and healing
  • Speak to Your Soul guided meditation audio download for reconnecting to your higher self
  • 4 chapters of the Amazon Kindle best selling book, Pinch Me




Unleash Your Life Retreats

  • Ready to change your life but don’t know where to start?
  • At a crossroads seeking clarity for the next phase of your life?
  • Is fear gripping you and stopping you from taking action?
  • Do you feel stuck in a rut?
  • Know you’re alive for something more but not sure what?
  • Unsure how to create the life you dream of?
  • Tired of living a life devoid of deeper meaning?
  • Ready to find and embrace your calling?
  • Something inside of you holding you back from your goals?
  • Want to simplify life, reorient and relaunch yourself?
  • Need a practical action plan for HOW to move forward?

Next Retreat - Southern Spain

Be treated like the diamond you really are. Full retreat details below

Dates & Pricing

15-21 May 2015, Earlybird Rates

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Popular Affirmations & Meditations

400+ Positive Affirmations for Inner Peace, Freedom & Success

Guided White Light Meditation for Inner Peace, Relaxation & Stress Release

300+ Power Affirmations for Career/Professional Success

Speak with Your Soul Guided Meditation for Nurturing Intuition

166 Spiritual & Age-Old Truths to Unleash Your Life

Morning Meditation for Higher Perspective, Inner Peace & Personal Power



Let me show you how to UNLEASH inner peace, freedom and success, both personally and professionally.

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  • 400+ Positive Affirmations audio for Inner Peace & Freedom
  • 300+ Power Affirmations audio for Career/Professional Success
  • Guided Light Meditation audio for Relaxation, Stress Relief & Balance
  • Speak to Your Soul Guided Meditation audio to Tune into Your Intuition
  • 4 chapters of my Amazon Kindle best selling book, Pinch Me